How to be a successful and happy webmaster

night has been deep, the outside was still very quiet, occasionally heard several loud barking dogs, in this city is extremely uncoordinated


candle Taiwan, thin slanted single, sound from the youth note, this is my life melody

love to drink bitter coffee in the night, as I love, go blind road in the evening these years, never change, never want to change, even if I love the family repeatedly stressed often drink coffee is not good for the body, even intimate friends often say that the blind rough very easy to twist the foot, but I am stubborn, I still do, like on the network as obsessed, decided, will no longer go to action, trials and hardships.

OCS so many years, not for the network to do much contribution, but at least witnessed the Internet for three years, Hedong and three years hexi. The sea of new faces, let the raging like a storm, I often stood in the wind above the cloud top, time as the years of growth rings, a circle of reincarnation, experienced the bitterness of the beginning, tasted the joy of success, through the transformation of the loss, passing a bloom…… Everything is nothing but a passing cloud.

in those years, I am crazy, think that the Internet is a kind of gold, as the country man dreams to marry a daughter-in-law in town, every day is a dream filled, confidence as childhood blowing colorful bubbles, just want to create their own piece of the sky on the Internet, in the hope of one day, the familiar names in the history of the Internet in this volume picture.

in those years, I am very satisfied, immersed in the self compiled in trying, Monternet, constant innovation, continuous learning, with the growth of experience, in the suddenly looked back and find out that they have entered the bourgeoisie self-sufficient, and, then, a larger net in quietly germination.

in those years, I lost myself, I remember someone once said, the brain fever is because of the temptation of chips is large enough, in those days, that barefoot in the city to the tarmac on the track of life, finally know what is passing.


fade magnificence, dream is still beating, if heart, dream on, can start again.

in this circle to stay for a long time, have seen Laoniao low-key and fade out, has experienced rookie blind and helpless, so, want to write that straightforward in mind, now how are we going to do?

: eventually, a building can not cover the number of layers, the construction workers decided, but the designer determines the height at issue orders left and right. Positioning determines the market and the market validates the prospect. Website is also so, not every industry site is suitable for you, personality theory here can best reflect this.

: it’s broad. We should not only give full play to the timeliness and interactive advantages of the network media, but also