How should computer networks be chosen in learning computer science

many high school and technical secondary school students are studying computer science, and now will be the 2008 college entrance examination, in knowing scores before and after, will be faced with the choice of colleges and universities.

many students in high school and technical secondary school have learned the primary content of computers, such as FLASH, static web production, network security and so on. In Colleges and universities, it is necessary to study in a deeper level, and to strengthen the theory as a practical process, to learn from experienced teachers. The content of the study also goes deep into network marketing, including the development of large websites including databases, independent website planning, and more in-depth programming.

if you continue to study in Colleges and universities, secondary schools and secondary vocational schools have already studied the content, then go to college is a waste of time. A former student at Shijiazhuang Computer Vocational College students said he had repeated during the study period, 7 courses and vocational education courses at the school at the same time, and can not substitute elective courses, more than a year is almost over in vain akira.

during the University, more important is to develop self-study ability, and need to have experienced teachers to guide, otherwise, in the face of problems, the knowledge can not be solved. A good teacher, one is engaged in the teaching work experience, on the other hand, we still need a lot of class learning, if the teacher is mostly just graduated from undergraduate students, that the students not only hands-on, including learning ability is poor.

University, but also pay attention to school related professional students, if a school students, most of the people in the absence of class time, which seriously affect the learning atmosphere, not how long you will play truant, truancy.

now requires computer skills, just plain learning, and it’s hard to find a job. When choosing a school, the curriculum, the teacher’s strength, the teaching environment and so on, this must be compared and screened.