s the site ever stuck with K again

I was disabled, the cruelty of fate, let me have the idea of suicide several times, my right forearm at the age of 3 was scalded by boiling water, the whole hand covered with scars, had to do a skin graft surgery (my thigh meat cut into my hand, but because of my skin not good, scar hyperplasia, even the legs are long big scar scar stretch affect the normal development of arm deformity, thumb bent, right hand short hand to lift. From primary school, I feel the pressure is so great, I am afraid everyone will see my strange hand, especially in summer, I dare not wear short sleeved uniform, and the school must wear it. And the lifting of the national flag made me sick. Barely read junior high school, do not want to read, and finally found a secondary school (choose its reason is not to wear uniforms to school) learned computer science.

school read six months, because of rectification, and unified clothing, I quit school.

is the professional website design, only for half a year, what fur are not, only know the difference between HTML and ASP, but has had the interest, began to learn, from simple self-help Station to buy their own space made me half a year time.

due to his love of electronic games (FC games console), send money to buy a COM m nidegme. Com is your game, a simulation game site, updated from the year of IP100, at the end of the year, reaching more than 10000. Among them, the content of the website pulled a lot of copyright issues, many webmaster talk to me, or stick to it, to tell the truth, entertainment site is not how to money. A month also hundreds of dollars, just enough space fees, but the sense of achievement is always there, and stick to it, 07 years ago, replaced a server, by the way of a template, the result was Baidu K.

originally meters can not be used, and replaced with a meter, wodegame.com means: my game, and once again, and constantly updated, IP finally go back, a few weeks ago was K.

think, if not by K, do now, may become the Pacific game network or 17173.

is confused now. Is it just to give up or change to tadegame or dajiadegame,


do stand tired, do a game station more tired, do a repeatedly by K game station is more tired plus tired!


is not very good, write you understand, leave the address. Http://s.wodegame.com   Baidu


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