From supermarket to region analysis of community development model of group buying

started last year in the Chinese Internet sector occupies an important position in the group buying, after a short period of time after the development process, are invariably ushered in a new period of change. According to the daily negative news stories of group buying in the industry, how to buy the new market economy test in Chinese style group buying, which poses a severe challenge to the current group buying market.

in this case, the reform of the group buying website has been put on the agenda. For this topic, I have proposed in a previous post "electronic commerce area" will become the backbone of the Internet or the day after the development, but in fact, as a branch of group purchase of electronic commerce system, regional development trend is also infiltrated in the field of group purchase.

The so-called

regional development, to group purchase website oriented market unit in the region are divided into clear boundaries, and the group purchase website provides services in the region has obvious geographical characteristics. This concept and the current group purchase market, its principle is our line of life and convenience stores are similar, the correlation between the two is the group purchase website has stable and fixed customer groups, in this respect at present has tasted the sweetness of life when the number of Suzhou network’s "rifle regiment" from the relevant data, which is currently the community group purchase concept implemented by the first group purchase website.

Key points of

regional group purchase website is to provide content services, because the user object is more concentrated, so according to the characteristics of this particular human, a regional group purchase website must provide the content must do group purchase channels. In this way, the service content of group purchase website provides the users already in the base has been reduced, it will ensure the long-term development of the day after (if regional group purchase mode did not do a good job in customer service, then the user is not only to).

this case will occupy the main position in the development of group purchase mode, so go for community-based model of group purchase website, to have regional characteristics of various services group purchase goods or will be to alleviate this pressure measure. In addition, with the characteristics of the development of market and regional transit speed group purchase market, have the obvious advantage of this service will become a commodity service project in Suzhou offbeat, various life network’s live group the current release, women’s underwear, embroidery coasters and a series of products with characteristics of the southern, which not only brought benefits to the real the consumers, but also for the group purchase website commodity information and the area together.

from the current situation, the community or in the days after the group purchase will become a new choice for the Internet and e-commerce development, but in the current situation, the development of community group purchase is a road full of sunshine and thorns. Although Suzhou life network’s "live group" and not overnight become the industry leader, but it is for the development of the market China type group purchase provides a clear direction.