Comparative analysis of Baidu bidding and Google AdWords advertising


and Google Adwords for promotion is the most common pay promotion business, many companies consider promotion through the search engine will also consider Baidu for promotion and Google AdWords, because they have the network alliance website advertising, can with low price to get hits high, therefore, I am here by comparison the detailed actual data on the Adwords and Baidu Google for promotion advertising on the website alliance (alliance network content) in effect were compared, for each enterprise.

the data here last month (November) the blog data for a large-scale web site statistics from the data source, using Google Google Analytics Analysis Statistics website end, at the same time using Baidu Google Adwords promotion and publicity for the target site. Through Google Analytics’s "traffic sources" – "referral sites" in the data statistics Baidu promotion and Google Adwords actual hits, including the source of Baidu promotion for Google Adwords, the source is, time is one month.

here is the Baidu auction and Google Adwords data comparison:

Baidu: clicks: 46111 (Analytics Statistics) / 46831 (Baidu promotion Statistics), each access page number: 1.06, the average residence time of 3 seconds.

Google: clicks: 15751 (Analytics Statistics) / 26106 (AdWords Statistics), each access page number: 1.18, average residence time 18 seconds.

Google than Baidu every visit more than 11% pages, stay more than 6 times, visible, Baidu union cheating site more, higher rate of delay, advertising accuracy is not high.

on the price, the data of both sides is as follows:

Baidu: each click cost 0.38 yuan, eCPM:0.11 yuan, click rate: 0.03%.

Google: each click costs 0.41 yuan (actually 0.67 yuan), of which Sina Financial Channel price of about 1.1 yuan, the average price of the site is about 0.2-0.3 yuan. Quality website price is about 0.5-1.0 yuan.

there is a strange place, AdWords is the number of clicks in the end is how much, AdWords and Google Analytics digital background statistics difference is too large, and the promotion of Baidu contrasts, also makes the actual cost per click a AdWords >