Micro blog marketing micro blog’s power to turn and spread

2010 was a thriving year for social networking and a year of micro-blog’s popularity across the country. China’s Internet users have reached 457 million. As of December 2010, China’s micro-blog visited more than 120 million users. DCCI Internet data center predicts that the Chinese Internet does not actually repeat the number of independent users of micro-blog, 2011, 2012, and the end of 2013 is expected to reach 100 million, 168 million, and 253 million people, respectively. The emergence of micro-blog has enabled individuals and businesses to start thinking about the changes and possibilities of the new media.

Information dissemination of

"Jing Jing prison"

micro-blog has brought about a revolution in the mode of communication. The mode of transmission used to be Pyramid type, from top to bottom. And now, spread into the spread of the stadium, the society has entered a "national press" era, everyone is a source of information, micro-blog push from the media era, the promotion of the social structure from "Panopticon" to "co King prison".

‘s "panoramic prison" is a metaphor for the French philosopher Foucault’s way of controlling human society. In traditional society, social managers mainly achieve the lower cost and more efficient social governance by means of asymmetric information. The control of a pyramid form as the Romans invented the prison: the prisoner was imprisoned in different cells, is the highest indoor monitor the cell layer at the top, he can see all the prisoners and prisoners, but can not see him, and make people to each other is also a lack of effective communication and transmission of information the channel. No matter whether the manager exists or not, the criminal subconsciously feels that he is being watched and will consciously restrain his behavior. And "Scene King prison" is a kind of onlookers structure, it is more like a stadium structure, people on the individual to start onlookers. The distribution of information between them is relatively symmetrical, people are no longer as in the past to listen the voice of the managers and the media, but in the "whisper" to communicate with each other’s information. At this time, there is no complete sense of the "jailer" and "Prisoners", each other are relatively transparent, in the other’s gaze, you can see and hear each other’s words and deeds, and interactive communication.

less gatekeeper, streaking requires caution

traditional mode of communication is mainly one-way communication, the audience’s participation is not high, interaction is not enough, strict checks. However, the development of the Internet to break the state, network communication network for information in a short period of rapid radiation from the gatekeeper "rush" to filter all the information, micro-blog will "fragmentation" this trend into full play, "keep the temple also will not retain the monk", when everyone when is the information publisher, the gatekeeper role has been weakened, more real information and transparent to show in front of everyone, like everyone in naked, micro-blog power of double-edged sword has gradually emerged.

traditional information dissemination requires communicators to be objective, impartial and calm, but micro-blog as a private media, in information dissemination