Analysis of the future of the nternet our webmaster development model

according to the present situation, the station station station with the station to eat, it becomes obvious that the Internet is a capital game! Why does everyone think of the Internet to dig a pot of gold! Because the Internet had too many IT rich people have seen when people succeed, but did not see when people start, there is a the reason is that we think the Internet business threshold is low, that buy a rice, buy a space station, a flourishes, is this kind of psychology, make too many people lost in their own dream of getting rich Internet fantasy and a long time since I was


open source program and market confusion, is an important factor leading to the increase in the number of sites, open source program makes the station more and more stupid, so that more people sink in their dreams.

the Internet does not need what ideas, because he is a capital of the game, but the Internet really need so many websites exist? The answer is no need! This is undoubtedly in the manufacturing information garbage, similar sites, similar articles, not original, so many network stations are not necessary to


so what is the future of the Internet model, I think the future of the Internet as Baidu executives say, specialized Internet Co less! The traditional model + online model is the mode of the future development of

in addition to several large network companies, the rest should be called personal home page, take your website as a hobby, like what to do as a station,


then we full-time station owners, how to do, other people are amateur stand, whether or not income does not matter, but full-time how to do


then we should go to the development of industry website, but I’m not too optimistic about the local station and vertical content station, said first place, for a big city where you stand, the competition is too big, the small city is probably not enough to eat! Not to mention the vertical stand, too much. Too much, as interest in the future is also good! We can also go to service website development! (this is not called you to sell virtual host what the service of many).. You can use your head to think about

is not in the future, there will be more full-time network companies, the Internet development opportunities are not so much, from scratch, that is the past

unless you have NB’s technology, go ahead,


has the industry station or has the idea, may add my QQ292794, exchanges together!


editor comments: the author of this article from an objective point of view of the current trend of the webmaster sector, has some enlightenment, thank you for your contribution in the Admin5 webmaster network, I hope your station will be better and better!