Doing a station is just an interest not a station as a career feeling

different view of life, that a steady job is satisfied with the status quo, please float……

Original: "doing a station is just an interest, not a station as a career."


must be fought, young people do things to have perseverance, I can only say to you, the website operation also belong to an industry, and the Internet, selling clothing, office there is no difference between what sense, but the big and small business. You can not open the Internet bar, Internet cafes difficult to do, selling clothing worries, no profits, and run the company and idle too much overhead. Why always can really get the money a few people, because most people are eating a bowl, and others looked at the pot, there is a kind of feeling, like people who earn money better, of two minds is certainly not the two words, insisted that the heart is certain, but most people failed to adhere to, to Ma, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow.

who knows the sky diaoxianbing thing, even if you as an office worker, also be faced with many problems, not only to the good and want to sleep without any anxiety, with the return to pay is always proportional to the success of each industry needs to pay a different price, the author concerns, it is we today owners have to pay the cost of.

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is good, but there will be some misleading, entrepreneurs can get you a better life, early will encounter many difficulties, but the young not to fight, don’t want to come to you if the old said how good.. Hard to do, to have faith, adhere to in the end, website management and other industries have what different, grasp the direction, stick to it, maybe a year, or even a few years, you will see the sun the day after tomorrow, you’ll leave the owl like life, you will no longer feel the sense of inferiority, you will be proud of you are the founder of the company to tell your subordinates, a few years ago, I was a grassroots webmaster.