Analysis of a website operation center two basic points

The basic national policy of

, a center and two basic points, has led our country towards prosperity and prosperity, and the living standards of the people are constantly improving. I was thinking, this basic policy can guide the population of 1 billion 300 million Yang Yang power, so in our website work? The answer is yes, as the operation strategy of the same site operators need to establish two basic points of a center, and adhere to the core content, will be able to lead the site on the upgrade, growing up. The following author as a friend of the network operators to share with you:

, a hub: search engine

Why do I

here to say to the search engine as the center, rather than the user centered? You do not misunderstand, for customer service is our ultimate goal, which belongs to the terminal, the website operation can be divided into three major points: search engine users, website – so that the search engine as the Center fully deserve.

when we put the website’s content and user experience are doing when mature, the most urgent need to recommend to users, to attract more users to enjoy, and now (after a long time like), in today’s Internet era, the middle platform is the best search engine, which is the most the user access to information platform, but also the best web site for the flow of the entrance. If you can use this technology website optimization, a certain effect than the traditional SNS way to promote better, lower cost, therefore, in our previous work, to lay a solid foundation for the site, do the selection work, the establishment of the long tail word thesaurus, layout all can bring into the long tail word and the contents of the building, also need to strengthen the construction of the high quality of the chain, improve the site overall weight, improve brand awareness and so on. Everything revolves around the search engine, so be sure to keep this in mind.

one of the basic points: the site itself

whether we are doing the traditional entity industry, or on the Internet, if not to provide users with valuable substantive help things may not always go on, not to mention the development of strong.

believe we have done QQ group Taobao off the marketing, is a form of transit, and traditional industry to run business, not to run no gains, so profits earned is not much, also won’t have a lasting effect, the fact that Taobao marketing effect more and more poor guest QQ group today.

also, we often see the pop style website, into not only long time to load, and advertising everywhere, not according to the user will display the contents of the mandatory malicious pop-up window, such as the QJ user can walk on the strange things.

so, whether we are doing mall site, or to do business site, must reflect our outstanding product advantages, the advantages of brand service, with quality content, let users get the real target >