A hard work for three years grassroots webmaster grassroots thinking

recently built a personalized domain name website, do the words "Id", and as usual, the first is to find information everywhere from the Internet, and then add a page, in the site later, made a big head, tim. However, this does not matter, who let you have no money, there is the so-called yes, to see so many personalities of the net name, I suddenly began to ask myself: which is the most personality? What kind of personality is the most?


because I am poor, so I want to make money, to make money, I chose a way to make money: do the webmaster, do the webmaster to do a website, website also have traffic, traffic flow, in order to make money, also cannot be garbage flow, after all, your website content was more useful to others. Useful, the greater the chance of you.

personality network name, every day in Baidu search, this keyword has more than 10000 people, plus QQ personality, screen name, net name, non mainstream network name, QQ net name and so on these words search volume, the daily search volume amounts to hundreds of thousands. The demand is great, and my station is also running on their demand. But later, I think, those so-called personality network names are all garbage, what is personality, hundreds of people are using those names, what personality?.

is a real individual, is based on the connotation of the TV drama "struggle", as Yang Xiaoyun wriggled boast: "my figure, home cultural tastes, the more expensive (clothes) is more appropriate!", not only the human personality a network can be reflected, such as Yang Xiaoyun want to buy expensive clothes, not only because of her figure, but also a cultural taste.

from a face, Robin Li, Ma Yun, Zhang Zhaoyang, if they have a name, are called respectively, and even if he does not have the meaning, you can give him to point out hard meaning, also poker-faced explain to everyone. Why, not because of the upper, middle, and lower, because Robin Li behind Baidu, Ma Yun’s Alibaba, Zhang Zhaoyang’s Sohu.

so, the personality screen just covers your empty heart and wants it to have real meaning. It’s up to you, not your name. But I have to do this website, it’s rubbish, people say, I admit it. Because I have to eat, this is a contradiction, society is also in the progress of contradictions,


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