How can Sina micro blog’s Micro friendly friends develop beyond WeChat

Hello, I am happy, remember me in a June article "from WeChat and mobile phone QQ to comment on what kind of people love APP?"? This time, those things I specifically under the Sina micro-blog client, Sina micro-blog in addition to its micro-blog desktop client, and two mobile terminal APP, which is micro friends and friends, I love these days have been experiencing the micro distinction between friend and friend, and prepare for the two recently wrote an article with you, when I started to play, feeling that the two can be combined with a mobile APP OK, I at that time the idea is completely wrong, today I to explain my point of view, but the final conclusion is to incorporate a APP, so not only can the confluence of users, but also reduce the burden of the official operation, every two, Multi valued!


let me start with the drawbacks of both.

first, the location of the two is fuzzy.

, according to Sina’s official definition, "intimate" is to strengthen the relationship between users, micro friends is to emphasize the strong relationship in the weak relationship. Users play for a long time, I feel a bit powerless, close friends in the chat could be received non friends private messages, this somewhat torn. And Sina, micro-blog client is the application on the mobile phone on micro-blog, now, but include the function of micro friend and close friend. I don’t know what Sina micro-blog is doing,


second points, the two functions are similar.

a user doesn’t need to install the same software as a APP on a mobile phone. You know, mobile storage space is so large, so many software installed on the mobile phone will be stuck. Therefore, I suggest that sina micro-blog staff both client Sato good, if you try to merge with, can not be combined, good in function change, allowing users to really feel what all don’t want to give up, this is the success of a software.

then, how can I pass WeChat in about micro friends and friends, I hope that the relevant personnel can see this article, I do not expect you to perform in my way, but you have to stand in the user’s position on the issue, so that it will not be abandoned by the user.

first, increase or decrease in function.

micro friends: including private chat (one to one), the surrounding group or who can visit Sina micro-blog touch screen version, you can group chat on

the friend: including private chat (one to one), released a close friend, can invite special person to be your close friend.

and WeChat Tencent (more than 5 version does not include the function) is this: one on one chat, group chat, the publishing circle of friends (Privacy do well), people in the vicinity, drift bottles, WeChat public platform push.

The privacy of

‘s intimate friends can be done; A and B are close friends; B and C are close friends; C and A are not close friends; C> is