Locomotive talking about website collection and anti collection

Anhui Internet Union (ahunion.org) hosts lectures, unwittingly to the twelfth phase. The lecture was involved in many webmaster high praise also let more webmaster to actively join the lecture group, now seems to be the most famous locomotive collector in the site collection software must (locoy.com), train collector (LocoySpider) is a powerful data acquisition software. Use it. You can easily grab text from web pages, images, files and other resources. The current domestic usage is the highest site acquisition software, just recently launched the latest version of the 2009, the majority of owners love. Due to the founder of the Li Jinbin collector is Anhui fellow, shortly before the end of the Anhui station Party has worked, so Li brother very readily agreed to my old K and stationmaster friends to chat, because Mr. Li is born technology typing speed is not quick, so to calculate within 1.5 hours of the said the content is not too much, but very incisive, we read it to understand, hope to give you some help webmaster. Since the lecture main group is full, new to webmaster can add live group: 47744157 lectures, we will always T never speak webmaster, let more want to learn the webmaster come in.

this lecture live broadcast address: http://s.53w.net/space.php; uid=1& do=blog& id=11330

1. Talking about the origin of the locomotive collector

locomotive: This is the first acquisition we start from the end of 05 to have this idea, that is like everyone, personal webmaster, add website management and maintenance is very hard, a modified copy released first and then contact Dede c# found he had an external collector. Don’t know how many people still remember, my idea is to learn from this dedespider, it really do not know what to learn, then PHP and.Net, so if you are interested, technical problems can be overcome, as now the acquisition, in fact acquisition can replace part of manual operation station. We do not recommend large-scale production of garbage stations (have to collect copies of other people’s site), so we are now more and more software features, but new users lack, more and more useless.

we now have a very loyal group of people who have been updating their websites by collectors. Rapid acquisition of Baidu search and record a huge flow of time has not, webmaster or to focus on the content of acquisition data by the same attention, pre only as a data filling, can be a little big. But for a long time, the target will be garbage data will become high-quality goods, otherwise it will not last long,

two, the experience of collecting web sites

locomotive: we are updating this collector now, and we have accumulated a lot of data collection