Experience sharing how to make websites online shops and store promotion complement each other

before I have been engaged in Wangzhuan the freedom of occupation, free and easy, Taobao has been mixed, Taobao customers, Taobao stores are done, the general income, wanted to see the network there are no other ways to make money, but do not need what cost. After studying some long-term Wangzhuan friends, had talked to me about whitening skin spring alliance, registered understood, with almost every guest, did not go to care. October 28th saw the white skin spring guest alliance tournament in A5, with the prize Commission is quite attractive, to come back to see the game almost done with the activities, consult the guest service alliance, but they made a novice manual to me, a look that come with Taobao customers are basically the same the.

but from the current online shopping market, skin care products competition is fierce, still have to consider other ways to make a breakthrough. First thought is to open an entity shop, and its own Taobao store, you can take into account. After a few days of busy, and finally rented a good shop, completed the business license and other formalities. The beginning to enter too many goods to the store, only after registration official website members got some mini dress, basically are integral in return, only to the mailing fee (first thought mailing fee total sales, not on the consultation after confirmation can be, it is still have a clear solution), then shop with Taobao, with fair skin spring guest alliance customer service to a data packet, all pictures, very troublesome, consult the white skin spring to the official website of the customer service, several popular products, first try to upload a few popular products; and then through the guest alliance to get back into their own Taobao promotion links. The guest, make a slightly modified advertising, just done before it is groups of women, there should be a good conversion.

after a few days of hard work, in addition to the mini store on the physical store sold almost, Taobao customers and online stores only a few scattered orders, so wasted a few days. Why Taobao customers shop with no effect? Think for a long time, decided to go to the Baidu Search about whitening skin spring, Taobao found a lot of passengers in a class of optimization whitening skin spring keywords related, but is turned to the Taobao mall, their original Taobao mall, no wonder my Taobao store orders so few, but this is not the main reason, may I store traffic is still relatively small.

shop with Taobao – go, the store is OK, it seems only to rely mainly on the traditional store. Just started not into too many goods, when the white skin spring Juhui Friday orders, can also get a gift. I made a series of promotional activities according to the Taobao store, less than a week, the 2000 yuan of goods are basically sold out, also received some customers reflect the good products, want a few bottles to the relatives and friends. The short two weeks, before and after a lot of difference. Plus the coupons and points, the profits are pretty impressive.

small shops are also limited by the area, and think about how to do better, by understanding the surrounding area