Grassroots webmaster should be periodic analysis of site potential value

grassroots busy all day how to make money, how to optimize, how to advertise, we should all their own web site cyclical potential value analysis. In fact, many of my large webmaster is doing the data recording and analysis in this area, so that they are more and more successful. But I also believe that most of the grassroots webmaster has not done, this makes me friendly reminder of these webmaster, in this regard transcripts and analysis is very necessary!


many successful webmaster always will "insist, there will be harvested", as a sentence to the efforts of the webmaster,


but if this analysis did not work for the potential value, many owners are just week cycle of the updating and maintenance of publicity and optimization. In fact, this is blind, because you just by sheer enthusiasm and interest and set up a website, but in the end you have data through detailed analysis of your site has much potential? Such persistence work? What the last best can success to what extent?

the problem is the need for the potential value of data to answer, and not just rely on their own judgments! Said so much, that are tired of it, someone asked me if you write so much, what explains what? Well, I would answer with a

example!I like the

mountain community, with a decline of the game "meteor butterfly sword.Net" as the theme, a lot of people have the right to me to give up the theme, because the official was closed, and what the (money) way at all, but I still insist on trying. Because I made an early analysis of its potential value through a piece of news. "The original developer meteor butterfly sword.Net" is interserv international, the company in recent years has developed a continuous "meteor butterfly sword.Net" is the European version of the "iron Phoenix" and "butterfly sword.Net" the latest version of "meteor" online network, its operators to perfect the company familiar with the game industry should know that the game is set, its "perfect world" is very successful.

not only so, your "meteor butterfly sword online" is also about to open beta, your strength I think is not to mention. And then there’s

"meteor butterfly sword.Net" officially closed, online and meteor butterfly sword online are forthcoming, the "butterfly sword.Net" mountain community it is not the official website, its potential is huge. Even if you just from the perfect and there a small share, for a personal webmaster that is not a small income


, and I don’t say much. I think we all understand. Do you analyze the potential value of your website now?

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