How do operate Cross Stitch Online over 5000 yuan monthly income

and cross stitch city webmaster today talk more happy, along with him, I’ll talk to you about how I operate online cross stitch, monthly income of more than 5000 yuan.

in fact, advertising is very simple, diligence is the first, persistence is the foundation.

one, website publicity is very important.

I only said experience, save a face for the fish, and leave my website. Don’t make me think I’m AD.

I’ve been doing cross stitch for almost three years. If I’m going to stop all my shop promotions now, I’ll have a lot of money a month. Why? In the past three years, there have been at least two propaganda articles and dozens of people coming to my store through search engines.

and, over the past three years, through my good service, the customer groups that I have built up have been spending a lot of money on me.

but why do I have to keep up the publicity,


let’s all think about it. Firefox is famous enough. Why is GOOGLE still promoting it? What about a small shop like ours?.

once you stop advertising, there will be a gradual decline in customer circle.

so publicity must not stop, from the completion of the online store that day, or stop, as long as the publicity can be publicity.

more than a few posts, tired of immortality. You don’t advertise until the day your store is ready to close.

as for the effect can not be seen depends on the level of your hair posted.

two, blogging is also making dollars,

myself, besides the online shop, there are blogs. The websites that can build blogs for free are registered.

then I chose two more popular station, focusing on publishing some cross stitch tutorials, articles and so on.

then is the shop I introduced the top, ha ha, this propaganda effect is very good.

at the same time, I was still hanging on my blog GG and Ali mother advertising, although earn much, but why don’t you give away money equal to.

three, service is really important,

do you know what’s the most important thing about a good relationship?. Just this one.

every time I buy something, I’ll take down a small book.

in the chat record, the love of cross stitch is my focus. Highly loving customers are naturally the focus of my attention.

then take the initiative to chat with them. When I feel a good picture of QQ, I send it to them, and they laugh and make fun of them.

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