Analysis of the feasibility method of website profit

as a webmaster, outside the most enviable is that you can work at home, you can work free time, you can achieve high income. Perhaps every webmaster, initially are holding a good mentality to join the Internet webmaster of the tide, the number of experienced storm waves, of course there will be a lot of the owners get a want, but there are more webmaster have been confused in the hesitation. Website profit is the problem that each stationmaster wants most to consider. The following is a simple way to make profit on several websites:


1, sell links, sell soft text;

network has many webmaster, hard to do a web site, but hard to find the way to profit. Have chosen to sell links, chose to sell soft text, the results of their own site mess, most probably income is not much, but the site was K. But this is a source of stable income. Do several PR high web site, sell links is also good direction.

2, advertising alliance;

more Adsense is chosen advertising alliance, whether it is Baidu advertising alliance, or Google, or Ali mother. There are good traffic, you can also get some income. There is a direct relationship between the amount of revenue and the traffic on the website.

expansion chapter:

1, do website, and business cooperation, profit sharing;

surveys an industry, markets, and markets, and then makes a website. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. You can do a moon cake buying site in advance. With their own professional optimization techniques, so that the site keywords have a good ranking. And then directly to find business cooperation. How should profit be divided?. That’s a good idea. A friend is already doing it.

2, make a website, sell business, gain profit directly;

and the above premise, do a good ranking, rich content of the site, looking for businesses, sell businesses. The most common is the medical profession, do keywords, when keywords have a good ranking later, perhaps medical institutions will take the initiative to find you.

ultimate chapter:

1, the most familiar with your favorite industry, as a career to do.

2, with the understanding of the Internet industry, predict new industry, or sunrise industry, do the industry website, as a career to do.

may not be profitable for a while, but in the long run it’s meaningful and can get a lot of investment. There are also many webmaster, focusing on their favorite industry to make achievements. Also started in the two or three level city community website development, also has the unknown, only for the interest to make the station friend, and so on. Perhaps, like this, short time will not have a good income, but as long as we go on, and persevere in doing it, I believe that after five years, ten years later, the results obtained far