How to optimize the website for new year’s day

in the Spring Festival approaching, the new year, in such a festive day, many people have begun to trickle back home, as a vine design of Beijing website design is the same, designers have started their home, so our website nobody do? There is a saying in your competition the opponent will never give up beyond you, then we will begin to worry about the right down, began to fear the 2014 new year will be beyond our competitors. Rattan design today to share with you, during the new year, how to maintain their normal site, not by the industry, or too much to pull down.


rattan design for everyone a happy, happy new year to you, the best business


1 can change the color and style of your website, but don’t change the layout at will:

many business friends new year, in order to let their employees booming, also want to let customers see their website booming invite their website design company will carry out a series of adjustment, put on a red coat and may also involve type changes, this behavior may seem insignificant, but often caused by falling right. Why don’t you suggest website revision,


(1) Baidu search engine will be a holiday, but not a holiday: many of my friends think that Baidu employees have to start the new year, then it means that Baidu search engine also began to rest, in fact, this view is wrong, Baidu algorithm before the Chinese new year will put set during the new year, I will have it capture and maintain normal operation logic according to the preset conditions, so if some sites because of the plate caused by changes of the drop, this possibility is great. We suggest that you can update the information of the site to share with friends, such as new year’s blessings, etc., so as to enhance their network of people bearing.

(2) peer competition is not reduced because of the new year and key words: usually we are doing some outside the chain, such as blogs, exchange links and update the content, although the competition during the Spring Festival will be stalled, but some of the FMCG websites in order to meet the needs of users, will be the new year, and some micro-blog blog interaction to bless themselves, so we tend to consider other people simply because the Chinese new year, Chinese New Year and I also gave up vigilance, eventually led by other competitors or beyond, there is a lot of floating. For those so-called others when I have new friends rattan design competitiveness that the chances to be not essential, but not completely ignored, we still need to seize the Chinese this day come and circle of friends interact to maintain the basic website promotion can, of course this behavior can be a lot less than usual.

2, basic maintenance and management, to avoid unnecessary site drop power:

(1) doesn’t suggest changing websites, programs and paths anytime during the new year. (in fact, it’s the same at any time, and we can continue to improve