How do you understand the unspoken rules that nternet products have to say in their operations

Internet products market has never lacked followers. Whether it is raging like a storm millet marketing model success led to hunger marketing and performance of mobile phone in the mainland market, or the rise of WeChat, the micro business, since the media such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out, Internet products always focus detonated in the first time, and then set off a strong enough to follow the trend. It can be said that as long as your product trends are clear and the market environment is ideal, an interesting idea can easily lead to speculation. Drops, fast and other taxi software, cars and other rental car market boom is derived from this. But the face of enthusiasm for the Internet all product operation, we need to ask ourselves, for Internet products operation, we can have a sufficient grasp said his understanding of the market, the fear of the market and conquer the market? I do not think so, in the eyes of most people, do Internet products, is a new product, then WeChat and other popular marketing assistant a soft, promotion, exposure, in fact, think so is completely mistaken. Fight the idea, play marketing, relying on resources, many chiefs than we have the experience and the foundation, but they do Internet products 100% success? Obviously not, so for the Internet product operation we need further consideration, we should further consider how to


remember to take user requirements as a starting point for developing your product. You think a good idea is not a common idea. You think it’s a good idea, but you don’t necessarily pay enough attention to it in the market environment. Products can not be subjective, but also can not attribute the product is too limited in their initial planning. Many products in the initial stage of the promotion of good results, but the latter because of the aging management thinking and make their own development is extremely passivation. For example, easecredit, initially by operators give the advantage of easy letter can be an easy job to do occupied a certain market, but the late easecredit products there is no bright spots to become the market follower, free thought is the core of users of social, whether the product is the core function call, and later joined the social circle did not constitute a positive the influence on the original product form, this idea is a direct result of dragging easecredit even if there are operators backing, could not escape the fate. Therefore, businesses or enterprises in the Internet business, we must do a variety of psychological preparation, absolutely can not take traditional thinking to treat Internet products development.

service quality is the biggest criterion for testing product operation. Many people are, what kind of products can win everyone’s favorite, and then sing the old, I think the quality of service is a constant assessment criteria. Why do the sea fishing can now enduring, and its excellent service culture is not separated, what the line and the line is the same line, you want to receive the same attention, and so it is essential to improve service. In fact, there are many online services started by examples, such as the date of delivery of the world, such as and 30 days unconditional return, these enterprises in the early days, when there is no fame, are relying on excellent service gradually open the market.