Hard won 166 80

really did not expect, money or hand, a few days in the hearts of a stone finally fell,.

a few days ago, China bank said to the dollar to Asia, let me get it. Would have been very happy, but home for a long time did not find the dormitory list, depressed dead, hurriedly call to the bank, played for three, finally found the collection tube department. May be too many people, miscellaneous sound, ask they seem a bit impatient. You say what is going on, you know that something very important, don’t take good care of.

really bad ah, do I like to list off ah. Really can not, they are well placed, and still placed in the drawer of the bag. But how can not be seen,


said the bank’s staff, to prove that according to my unit, the unit that I am, I have not graduated in school, then you are proved in this school. I have to do is to make the sub advertising, has nothing to do with school? Should be sub pay that is, the money I was on. Hey. Go home.

returned home, his girlfriend said, this money must take, how can their hard earned money no matter what they say,? Just as they do. Well, listen to his girlfriend. The proof to the school, the bank has more than five o’clock in the afternoon, I go to the bank to take ah.


night, open to the sub, found himself $157 in February to MELDY state, but has not received the check. In fact, after all this time, I did not expect to have the money. But his girlfriend still insisted that I and yayou staff communication under.

just ran into their staff this morning and told them what they were doing. I didn’t think they’d let me know by the beginning of May..

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