Analysis of webmaster blog profit several methods

grassroots webmaster, have a dream, I hope one day dream come true, the reality is very skinny, the dream is very cruel. Many webmaster in the operation of the site for a variety of reasons lead to the site operation failure, webmaster will for various reasons comfort yourself. The website is the main reason for the failure is not profitable, why not profitable website? Why the website profit is very good? Take Chinese provincial blog! A little personal blog, but the flow of hundreds of profitability but I was amazed.

is just a personal blog, from the formal operation in less than eight months, the profit is as high as sixty thousand! My God! How? The flow of website profit is very easy, in China only a few hundred provincial blog traffic, hundreds of traffic is not a flow, in more than 10000 IP daily website, can be counted on to be the flow of the site.


Chinese province blog marketing is really extreme, the ability to play blog website profit to the best state, the Chinese provincial blog I once again proved a website can be profitable, not only the website traffic, website profit is in size, is the business ability of operators. Here are some of the profit points of China’s blog:

1: advertising alliance revenue


is not great blog traffic China province, the blog page only in the bottom of the page to hang a small Baidu alliance advertising revenue is expected at around three hundred per month, if there is no good conversion rate of 300 yuan is not to do. Google alliance advertising, Google’s unit price is higher than the Baidu alliance, the use of the dollar settlement, is expected to earn about 400 yuan per month.

2: merchant advertising sponsorship

business sponsorship fee should be accounted for blog income of 70%, as the Chinese provincial well-known webmaster circle in the personal brand of small advertisers, is to take a fancy to this given high sponsorship advertising, in order to promote commodity. China saves the whole page of blog, there are three businesses advertising, analysis of advertising value of about 1000 yuan per month.

3: membership income

China Blog launched a paid VIP program for value paying last June and launched 30 VIP members in less than 30 days. Member price 300 yuan / year, currently has 30 paid members, income of 6000 yuan.

4: soft income

China is a provincial blog attention from the media platform, blog master writing nature have certain skills, I love Chinese province blog article every day just update only a blog, with the Chinese words "save the patient, would rather not update, update will fine article" this sentence is a lot since the media quoted.

good reputation in the industry, the value of China’s business blog soft Wen naturally very high.