8 rules for mine down JS do not look at the slaughter

on the site to see many suicide is JS black slaughter, to sum up, JS is the two or three son, just escaped the JS sanbanfu, no business. Just because the deceived into the JS trap, not to be slaughtered, it is strange. As long as the following 8 jagged military regulations, JS can take you there.

1. prepared: first optimistic models in the online purchase, configuration and reference price, the best copy down, be aware of;

2. group purchase: looking for someone to accompany you to go, emboldened, in case with JS do not suffer dry up, actually start to be ruthless, to win. In the army there are unwritten rules, soldiers child baby in fighting to win back lost to detention.

3. goods than three: Although no J, not S, see more JS counters, ask more Kan, do not go five, never sell.

4.: never change configuration, adhere to the original models. No matter how JS blows, JS always tries to sell his profitable products, and when we change the configuration or type of machine, we are not familiar with it beforehand. The possibility of being slaughtered is greatly increased. If you meet JS, insist on changing, two words: leave,


5. death price: according to the online quote price, general online quotes, such as the Zhongguancun computer network (http://s.pczgc.com) is a collection of the latest market reference price, the transaction price is slightly higher than the average price of some. In the range of about 10% of the offer, floating, consumption can be accepted, JS will certainly be able to accept, and strive to lower the price than the offer transaction, JS will not be afraid of money will not sell you.

6. see goods pay: prior negotiation. Some JS required to pay before delivery, but to pay for a JS, looking for an excuse to say no goods, demand for other products, this is not to listen to JS, adhere to their own goods, no refund of goods leave, no refund directly hit 110.

7. face to face inspection: check carefully before opening, make sure the new machine has not opened a seal before. Such as notebooks and so on, face to face operating system, they will be installed better, do not let JS get your line of sight outside the place installed system, JS for your machine did not discuss.

8. pay invoices: to pay face to face, must invoice. Some JS will be invoiced, to receive more than 100 to a piece of money, which in advance to talk about prices, we must talk about good, the transaction price, including invoices, talk about death. With the name of JS money season exogenous branches.

finally take delivery and leave….

to JS must be tough, complaints useless, unless the court see, Chinese people lack the habit of playing, have nothing to do with small lawsuit, the legal consciousness can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!


information source address people: http://s.it.people.com.cn/GB/115810/115888/8144130.html<>