Founder Homejoy will shut down domestic O2O How’s everything going

Chen Ziyang

American housekeeping O2O originator, Homejoy is also impossible to escape the "C round of death" fate. Recently, Homejoy announced that it will shut down in July 31st. The company’s CEOAdoraCheung said the "decisive factor" that led to the closure was 4 lawsuits about whether the workers on the company’s platform were full-time or contract workers.

this bucket of cold water has not put out the domestic investment enthusiasm of domestic O2O. In July 21st, e announced that the home cleaning has been completed by Tianfeng securities investment led hundreds of millions of yuan C round of financing, has become the first through the "C round ridge" domestic O2O enterprises. Not only that, the public comment, the U. S. mission, Jingdong and other home service platform included in the home, this year has also been on-line.

is the dismal end of one of the overseas founders, a massive expansion of domestic enterprises. What’s the prospect of home economics O2O? How can we avoid the fate of "C die"?

Why did



, headquartered in San Francisco, Homejoy, was founded in July 2012. It features a Uber central total scheduling approach to provide hourly cleaning services to users. After the establishment of the Homejoy road stride forward singing militant songs less than a year and a half, the time to start the business in 31 North American city. In April last year, Homejoy announced the opening up of the international market, launching operations in the UK, Germany, France and other places. In the same year, new services such as plumbing, window cleaning and pet care were introduced.

The other side of

‘s rapid expansion is Homejoy’s $38 million B round of financing, which remained in 2013. In May this year, there have been rumors that the largest U.S. home O2O platform Handy is negotiating the acquisition of Homejoy. Although for bankruptcy reasons, Homejoy gave a "legal dispute" decent rhetoric. But the industry believes that blind expansion and cleaning business can not bring good profits for the platform, leading to the tight capital chain as the important reason for its closure. To be sure, at the end of last year, Homejoy announced that it closed operations in Canada and france. Housekeeping O2O, "housekeeper help" Chairman Fu Yansheng on the "First Financial Daily" reporter analysis, Homejoy closed for two reasons. First, the domestic industry is not deep grasp, through the light platform radical expansion, resulting in later personnel can not keep up with orders; two is the main business, cleaning is difficult to form stickiness with customers.

in fact, the domestic O2O project has failed in the domestic case. In 2014, domestic, micro laundry and state home PH+ were closed. There have been comments that the core problem of keeping domestic economics unsustainable is that no suitable profit model has been found.

as one of the earliest domestic O2O platform, Butler helped set up since 2006, from the platform began to do the line, Fu >