Examples of analysis of how to design websites in the end how to profit not offend users

to make a website and make money is the thought of each and every one of us, and also our desire. However, in advocating free internet environment, talking about money is really a very sad thing. Just like you do a download station, download a software need gold coins, and gold coins need money to recharge, then for the user, it will inevitably become a hindrance. But the station after all is to make money, even if it is not a direct push paid service, we will be placed on some of the commercial nature of things on the website, or pure sharing environment, for any one who has no way to bear grass. But everything we have to pursue a perfect, even to profit, we also want to because of money to bring the user to minimize the damage, then how to do it, I according to the nature of their own website to give you some advice.

try to lower the quality of business promotion

what is the low quality of commercial promotion, the fact is that there is no nutrition, simple and crude commercial advertising, especially some information site, as long as we go is the access to the advertising, which greatly affect the visitors read the contents of the mood. Imagine what this promotion model will bring many hits? This is not an accidental phenomenon, while many of his peers to design the site, click on the ads for the pursuit of approximate crazy, ultimately we realized in the way of special means is single, only here to give a pour cold water, either click on ads or business advertising design, website will not have too much as. There are three reasons.

one, the design site audience is relatively small, basically are professional appeal of the user, in the face of these people, you do some irrelevant advertising, no one will click, commercial value is not high.

the design site competition relatively fragmented, does not appear particularly obvious monopoly station. This is also from the side that the original content of this industry is not accounted for, except for some pure design service station, other sites are basically each other each other and paste the content, which determines the advertising will make the overall effect of poor shunting.

third, the most important is the site for the design, the business is relatively small, even the advertising is not the ideal scale response, in the course of time the customer will not renew the advertisement, and as a webmaster we naturally in the market can not to the high price of advertising.

had explained the above three points, if you rely on advertising to survive, apparently unable to meet your requirements, unless your site on IP is particularly high, perhaps advertising can also, but if you flow, you still stay in advertising revenue, you can only say that you are not a qualified operator. So, after rejecting the low quality business promotion, how should we improve our profit level?

from the design industry fundamentals to think about

design sites facing the advertising business is not much, but the audience groups are more concentrated and accurate, we can consider in this regard. So >