Forum class website operation five essential factors

(Forum) should highlight its own features,

often see some people rush to do the forum seems to start going to do better than the portal died over the way, column built N, what are, but this way, often burst out of their own characteristics, characteristics is vital for the development of the forum, the forum at the beginning and we will make clear the development direction of the forum, the column is not more refined in, no longer mixed in College; a featureless, involves too wide or too, others will only repeat content of the forum, basically it is difficult to have development in the future. The success of the forum, for example, behind the biggest characteristic is to provide forum for exchange of technology, the biggest characteristic is that the Chinaz community forum a superb collection of beautiful things of the source, the Admin5 features a popular website transaction, and the gateway community service in free space with the incomparable advantage of others, etc.. In short, if you do a forum, and even do not know what the main aspects of the forum to attack, the main thing to do, then such a forum can be imagined.

(two) forum should be updated every day

new forum, if you as a forum administrator or moderator, not yet gathered in the number of popular when, every day to update, release some posts, must be done. First of all, an empty not the content of the forum is no one is willing to stay, but certainly not to register; secondly, if you are too lazy to post, then the member in the eyes, they certainly don’t post. But in the supplemental content in the early stage, in addition to the necessary directly from other places to copy and paste some articles, their own proper original some articles or false original articles to release the effect will be better, a forum to develop, if not their own things is very difficult to do it, the content is always the first one this has no doubt.

(three) should seriously treat and respect every member of

I personally have always thought that this is a good forum for the particular attention, because after all, do not own forum for myself, but for others, for others or discuss the problem, the forum can not develop, so that every member, is also on the forum, every to members of the forum, whether he is a rookie or veteran or to AD or to irrigation or as a forum manager,

we all should go to honest, to the friend’s attitude towards them.

for a newly established forum, the accumulation of early members, especially the accumulation of active members is particularly important. When appropriate, we should effectively put these people together, such as we can to build a QQ group, invited those active members in, regularly communicate with them, understand their individual thoughts, seriously their opinions and suggestions, in addition, we can offer some of them on the Forum