Layout keywords optimize the road establish reasonable and perfect optimization situation


optimization has been the focus of the website optimization, from website to on-line keyword has been the focus of concern of the owners, how to do keywords optimization has become the primary task of the owners, road layout optimization keywords as a webmaster must be reasonable, by means of practice constantly explore with your web site keywords optimization situation the following specific to talk about what can be done in the webmaster keywords optimization path.

one, through the article editor, let the article naturally appear keywords

with large changes in Baidu search engine, Google search engine in September 23rd were also relatively large changes, several websites in my hands because of the original content, included have been greatly improved. This increase may also be on the site keywords layout a to


From the picture we can get

Google in September 21st to 22, included only 16, but today suddenly increased to 101, this is an affirmation of the website, but fundamentally speaking, these included the increase is due to the reasonable layout and editing of words, each piece of content are reasonable layout should appear keyword density, let the search engine that the key words in the article is natural, which provides the favorable conditions for optimizing the layout of the site keywords.

two, the article internal link layout has relevance, help website optimization

perhaps many webmaster have done this thing, when writing articles often appear in a link to the site, and these links are not relevant, and this layout keywords link appeared error, whether with hyperlinks or text links, first keyword to meet the correlation and links to content must also be consistent with the correlation, only by strengthening the correlation method to ensure your own web site to get the attention of the search engine, the search engine will think that your site is the support of his site, the site optimization will play an unexpected role.

three, reasonable layout keywords appear position, let keyword be search engine grab

different sites have different keywords, and the reasonable layout of the key position is particularly important for ordinary website, website keywords appearing position and website optimization is closely linked, is conducive to grasping position for the search engine spiders keyword appears position should be the site, and is conducive to the search engine the location should be at the top and left the site, I think can be reasonable in the two directions of reasonable keyword set, website keywords search engine grab more, and other content also exists, which can improve site keywords ranking play a role in promoting.

four, the title of the article with keywords, but an article only need to bring a keyword

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