How profitable is the analysis of WordPress programs for free

, as we all know, WordPress is a community managed open source program where everyone can participate, and the program itself is free. Then the WordPress behind the commercial operation of Automattic company is how to profit? Some way below Automattic is profitable, I believe that their profit model can give us some domestic open source companies released some enlightenment and reference:

1., Blog, Hosting (blog hosting service)

WordPree such as Om Malik, All Things D etc. these big companies offer blog hosting services to $500 a month, they use based service architecture to hosted WordPress blog, so the performance will be better than many other virtual host, this belongs to a VIP account, not everyone can apply to the.

2., Google, AdSense

Free blogs on may sometimes have ads for Google Adsense, and I’m sure you and I haven’t seen it before, because the ad needs to meet the following conditions:

blog users do not use the Firefox browser.

if the access user has registered the account, he is not logged in.

access users are not blogs built from a, so users from to will definitely not see ads..


needs so many conditions to show, the ad cost on is still very significant, because traffic is now 1 billion per month.

3., AKismet

If you installed

Automattic Kismet (Akismet) the most excellent WordPress anti spam plugin, you must have seen in your blog, Viagra (Viagra) junk messages, because by Akismet filtering.

Akismet now for a personal blog for free, but if you run a blog or a blog, you need to buy the business of Akismet License, this needs about $50.