Local B2B website successful financing 200 thousand experience

I wrote this thing today, not to show off my personal achievements, but to make more friends of standing, and to understand a little bit of information that helps me. That’s it。

goes to the point.

originally, I have always been a garbage station, and the backward brothers basically know that I had a small movie station before, and IP had been a million, and the monthly income had 3000+ days too. Just later, server security is not done, was hanged horse. I myself, although the film is a hobby, but after all, with the national policy movie station phase back, profit way is not very regular, which leads to many reasons, I gradually gave up the movie station, I also gave up the webmaster life day in and day out.

was supposed to hear the fish recording in the middle of the night when it was in March. One of the most important things is to combine local resources to make local websites. It’s a big trend, so I’m with the tide.

the city where I am located is well developed in manufacturing. This year, the local government has promoted the creation of local brands and called on enterprises to follow the road of brand in order to enhance the competitiveness and influence of the city. In such enterprises on the double transformation of the background, my enterprise brand network "Pinpaib2b.com" came into being.

old saying to win a war, the favorable factors are indispensable. I think, "day time" (government appeal), "favourable location" (local resources) have been, and the lack of "people and"". What is "man and man"? "Man and man" is a lack of investment. Do business station, and do personal standing is not the same, personal station as long as there is a domain name, there is a stable space, you can normal operation. A business station is not a place to seek development, but death. So I’m looking for investment and finding someone to invest in,


has lived in this city for more than three years, and has been doing business for over two years, so there are more or less familiar rich customers at hand. After comparing and considering, I found three people who I thought were likely to pay for investment. Of course, I can’t name their real names here, so we call them: Zhou Zong, Li Zong, Wang zong.

always owns the provincial owner of a precision instrument machinery factory, and has been working in the coast for more than 20 years, making today’s achievements. I always make good contact with him because I always call him when I’m free. The appointment made a date for this appointment.

as long as the boss who has tasted bitterness, most people like to talk about the hardships of their pioneering work. Zhou is no exception, I have heard many times, his story is not imitation, but also a little for everyone to listen to. I think our previous generation, there are many of our generation lack of brilliant points, such as hard-working, such as adversity in the survival of perseverance.

A mahogany wall of the kitchen

weeks Zongkuan open office, the top wall of the kitchen just put a pair of black shoes are old yellow. This pair of black leather shoes story >