A rookie webmaster site construction process

was probably in 2000 April. I had a sudden whim to make a website of my own. I didn’t know anything about computers at that time, let alone the internet. I used my poor computer knowledge, made several pages with FrontPage, and placed it in 163 free space, named * * online. Mainly to send my own article. This is addictive. I became a standard geek. My colleague said, the webmaster’s computer has an obvious characteristic: F5 key is shiny. Look at my old computer. That’s the case. At that time, I hope every day to refresh their website, website traffic can suddenly spring night, Qianshuwanshuduo.

A year after the

, my office and network center moved to the office, I and our education network friends friends. They give me a piece of free space, so I have my own space and a two level domain name: xxxxxxx.net. Because anchored educational network, so my website popularity rises greatly. In order to be responsible for everyone, I have to work harder and create more updates. This time, I have abandoned the FrontPage and switched to Macromedia Dreamweaver. But gradually, I feel that one person, one page at a time, is somewhat powerless.


noon in the summer of 2002, I give up the nap time, was in the office to make my dream perspiration comes down like raindrops ", a warrior came, he looked at me so dedicated, so hard, big hearted, said to me, how can you use that old way? I’ll give you a ASP. I foolishly asked: "what is ASP ah?" he said, "is not so hard to build the system ah!" Heroes opened his web site, gave me a demonstration of the operation. I was filled with wisdom! I’m clever, read it again. Second days, he gave me a set of ASP system, because our education network space is not open, ASP support, so I am determined to buy space.

July 2005, I purchased 500M support ASP space, and do a website for emotional intimacy (www.qingganmima.com), a dedecms station system, the maintenance of the website is much more relaxed, at the same time, I also hired several like-minded friends, work together to build online * *. This period of time, I am most proud of is through my website, led the construction of personal websites. In just two years, other web sites have sprung up like mushrooms. The rapid development of famous websites such as tiananmen.

2005, the site successfully upgraded to automatically generate HTML static pages ASP system, for the next step to make the site bigger and stronger laid the technical foundation. At present, more and more people are attracted by * * * * * blog based online.

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