China domain name why boring to toss the user habits

According to

reports, April 27th, China Internet Network Information Center announced in Beijing, for the early realization of "Chinese." domain name ". Universal service, good convergence work before and after China officially launched the" global domain name, CNNIC and other Chinese * * * * and other institutions, launched the "China." domain name National beta activity. As the beta test object, Sina completed the "Sina. Chinese", "Sina company" and "Sina. Network configuration analysis and Chinese domain; the input" http://s. Sina. China ", namely direct home.

, "China," 300 million potential customers, this is undoubtedly a very real money temptation of fat, the Internet market early set up the booth, the dream of corn housewives come to buy. However, ". Chinese" is really a piece of meat and potatoes?

first of all, this is a great challenge Chinese network needs of users on the world, to have a certain scale of Internet Co, such as, I believe it will be very focused on user experience and habits, therefore, Sina News rather than operating costs continue to expand recruitment to traditional manual editing, mobile users select news, in the mass of information pick out a part as far as possible to meet the demand of the public and government officials and news to readers; and Web2.0 of Sina blog, although fame, but still only a Pianfang, lost there, waiting for a group of people who want to go to another bo. This is not to say that the user created content is not good, if the exclusion of those deleted filtered content, blog news value, more by users that pro Lai, habits of users, because the news is more give a person with a formal, official and authoritative sense; and just play blog and talk, catharsis place. So, let’s just imagine if we visit a Sina News below:

The original Sina

news (address: Meixiong ways to let you easily become


. China news address: http://s. women. Sina / health / breast /2009 /04 28 /00 08 859015.shtml (Meixiong ways to let you easily become


address and do not say at indecent, is input, is also a pain, need to switch the input method to complete; I believe that love to watch the news on part of Internet users, is absolutely not buy it, the result is that the customer is not pay.

if in China to promote "China" domain name, take Sina for example, that will lead to how many can visit Sina and Sina must protect domain name brand. For example: "Sina. China", "Sina. Net" and "Sina company" and "Sina China", "Beijing Sina" and "Sina.