How to do well the operation and maintenance of enterprise website

enterprise website is the network performance of the corporate image, the pace of development in recent years the Internet quickly, some enterprises are no longer being ignorant of network, and become to understand and pay attention to it, so how to make the enterprise website? After a few years of operation experience of enterprise website, I think there are a few points to note:

one, from the beginning, said

site planning for a web site planning of future development is very important, we must first understand the situation of the enterprises themselves, understand the business needs of the site, and according to the needs of the user of the website group to design a website, need to also consider the site later operation and maintenance of the website, more news module, a large number of news can increase the amount included in the site, and the site code optimization, these before the station would be taken into account, so choose a know optimization technology is a very important person. Of course, web interface design, UI is also very important, I have seen many enterprise web site, but really do good few, the cloud crane ( is one of them, but this website for general business is the production, the cost will be relatively high, looks like a station, it is seven stations, each sub station are designed independently, their style, UI are more successful.

two, after the completion of

After the

website built, must maintain the stability of the update site, the majority of enterprises are not pay attention to web site updates, a few days or even several days are not updated, to know that you are the only regular updates, the spider will love you, love Changlaikankan drop. Updated best article is original, if writing, can’t write the original, pseudo original good, change the title always do


followed by the optimization and promotion of keywords, select a number of closely related keywords, and optimize the ranking of keywords. Can be targeted to some industry related websites hair soft, like Ali HC, you increase the chain, attract some IP, these are all insist for a long time, and is not a day for two days even if the enterprise website, Guizaijianchi, if three minutes is not good.

, if the enterprise itself is difficult to have the energy to do so, or the effect is not good, you can consider giving the web site to professional network companies to maintain.