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China navigation network is China’s largest professional GPS media information platform. Provide the latest and authoritative GPS products and industry information in a timely manner. The website is committed to spreading and popularizing GPS related knowledge in China, promoting the development and application of GPS in all sectors of China, leading GPS related products to bring more convenience for personal life and social development.

China Navigation Network’s core advantage:

China navigation network has the most advanced, the most distinctive network product release and integrated marketing platform, mainly with news, information, quotes, evaluation, quotation, Zhongguancun and other professional channels. Timely release the latest information about GPS industry both at home and abroad, including GPS industry news, brand information, vendor dynamics and so on,.

GPS information service platform

is the most professional media platform GPS, the navigation network is committed to China the majority of users to provide more and more detailed GPS product cognition and use of information, provide a platform for communication for domestic GPS products, and GPS products to our friends together to witness the change of life, promote the development of GPS products in Chinese, provide more.

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China navigation network dedicated to professional GPS industry website!

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