nternet start ups still open just need to go over a few mountains

The vigorous development of

the Internet, not only for the traditional economic landing, promote joint development of the Internet and traditional industries. At the same time, it provides a new platform for individual entrepreneurship and alleviates the difficulty of social employment. Now, there are many people active in the network, through the network to achieve their dreams. Some of them are in small and medium sized enterprises on behalf of innovation, some is from "network of self-employed, some part-time open shop workers, and some even did not graduate from school will run a personal website or is engaged in a variety of project of the higher school student. Internet entrepreneurs are large, widely distributed, free from age, sex, occupation, and educational background, and are struggling through personal struggle or relying on the network platform built by some big companies. Some do not have the advantages of the conditions and enterprises, companies can not too many restrictions to join the Internet, to play their own strengths, expertise, and realize the entrepreneurial dream. At the same time, the lack of freedom and restriction of Internet start-ups has become a source of network innovation. Breakdown of today’s Internet companies and the classic Internet products, many are starting from personal entrepreneurship developed.

Internet business policy loose, less investment, quick results, low threshold is the main reason for its entrepreneurial paradise. Over the years, the fertile land has nurtured countless innovative ideas. A considerable number of entrepreneurial heroes were born. Nurtured a growing number of grass-roots enterprises. But everything is contradictory two sides, in the prosperity behind, always accumulated considerable contradictions, expansion to a certain extent and broke out. Today, the employment situation is grim, network business is flourishing, but over the years the network regulatory oversight system policy loopholes also causes such as pornography illegal information spread, phishing sites and the proliferation of Trojan viruses, hacker industry wanton expansion of the integrity of the network shopping of contradictions. The relevant departments, while aware of the problem, launched a series of regulatory actions. The network regulation from the end of last year until now, removed some purify the Internet environment, an evil member of the herd, should be more conducive to legality, integrity management of Internet entrepreneurs. However, in the actual operation, those who have committed to the Internet entrepreneurs also suffered serious losses, but also need the care and support of the relevant government departments. Avoid the formal industry on the rocks, those difficult to consider the policy risks.

at present, the network business is experiencing an unprecedented "ice age", the winter has not because of the early spring and retreat. Stationmaster net admin5.com ever had article before, Internet individual poineering tradition is in overturn doorsill, promotion is difficult, also mentioned the problem that individual network poineering work faces at present. Individual CN domain name registration policy wavering, the first rigorous review and prohibit personal registration, after opening up the personal registration intention to implement real name system; mobile phone charges against pornographic websites, cut off the chain, strict WAP toll gate; personal website Re name, but need to clear the site for the record "sponsor identity verification, face to face the retained copy of valid documents, to review the main website information, contact information and access to information". In network regulation, entrepreneurship >