Case study of Ding Tao Division second lesson operation of Taobao guest website

In fact, I often watch the

friends should be found in all my articles, articles about Taobao customers is the most, so now you through the Baidu search "Taobao, Taobao customer program, Taobao keyword Taobao customer system, the latest guest promotion methods", something I can be published in the first row page, some even in the top three, while I have to SEO utterly ignorant of the related knowledge. That’s partly because of the popularity of Taobao, and I also spend a week writing other types of articles, probably hundreds of clicks.

from 2009 to 2010 this year is the development of two Taobao passenger blowout, a time webmaster circle all guest, including the familiar 360 browser, Firefox, cool dog music, storm, thunder and other clients have reached this level of Taobao passenger camp, a time by four, was a only 1 billion Commission cake was carved up half a little scraps left has become the object of hundreds of thousands of grassroots webmaster for the. We resorted to extremes, exhaust all the skills, all kinds of promotion methods QQ signature, chat group, the forum links these methods based has become many webmaster disdain, bundling plug-in, change the browser home page, a key tool for Taobao desktop and other means is for everybody’s a little more advanced with books, magazines, soft hot speculation, community marketing method, of course promotion mode of the recent very fire a single page profiteering products by many people (the premise is that you either SEO play, or to Baidu, Google search engines like throwing money do PPC). Have to say, now from IM to SNS, from the community to the portal, from the toolbar to the client, the entire network is full of Taobao customers link.

often have some friends complained to me: "now Taobao more and more hate, my home It is without rhyme or reason. home page is modified, some shops link out a wonderful sense of desktop links, read the novels always pop-up ads, listen to music and watch a movie base also with his advertising, playing Games watching the news also see the old Taobao ads, I saw a $39 pair of trousers, in, out of the Taobao search list, completely is not what I want." The stationmaster sees such complaint, all understanding smile. Unfortunately, Taobao has become a big headache.

well, not much to say, to the point, I want to see this article friends want to know whether Taobao is not off to earn money, but how to operate Taobao guest website, that is how to promote grassroots point out their Taobao guest website.

first, let’s discuss the choice of space, the basic things why I will mention the space, because we all know that Taobao guest website is different from the general information website, he often involved in data collection, we can choose the small capacity in the choice of space, you can choose the IIS limit but, must be stable to stable, we can be assured that.