Help your members save money and help your customers make money

today at 12 noon to go out, outside the sun especially sinister, but always believe that can be exchanged for the return of the sweat. About 2 o’clock, until the Shanghai Information Committee, to find a friend to chat. We talked for a long time, almost 2 hours, the natural lot, whether it is business, or money online network of accounting, financing or etc..

, in which friends gave me several profit models, which really means that friends spend time and energy thinking for us, otherwise we can not make these good suggestions. Among them, we talked about Alibaba, Ctrip and other successful websites and business models. He gave me a word "to help your members save money and help your customers make money."". It is now in retrospect, as a platform to profit, we must solve 2 problems, if these 2 issues are not resolved, it is not possible to make money, the first problem is the first to help members to meet certain needs of members, with this as a basis, to attract businesses or enterprises, at the same time to help the enterprise to earn money through the platform, otherwise everything is in vain.

took the money online billing network, currently only solve the membership entry requirements, but the demand is not long to attract users or maintain customer loyalty, so need to meet certain requirements when members, provide more valuable services. For example, money saving, financial management, etc.. Before the money online has been toward the direction of thinking how to accurate advertising profit model, the current money online there are 100 thousand registered members, if just rely on accurate advertising words, that is very difficult to support. Therefore, it is possible to contribute to the existing members, to help customers who do not have the financial company to provide customer sources.


money online is a professional online billing platform, there is no ready-made model can refer to, but can be digested, and can learn from other models and successful experience. For example, you can learn Ctrip model and experience.

In fact, many

sites have no clear profit, these sites are the same as I thought before, as long as the site was built, it was natural for investment, but we ignore the point, in the absence of income, it is difficult to adhere to, are often on the eve of the dawn and closed, as a the name of grassroots entrepreneurs, can not put all their hopes on the financing, need 2 legs to walk, the financing and profit on the equally important position, even the profit in front of financing. Well, how do you look for a profitable model for small websites? I’ve always thought it could be done slowly before, and now I find my idea is very wrong. As a small website, it should actively seek for their own profit model, in the absence of ready-made success stories, you can refer to other websites profit model. For example, money online can boldly learn from Ctrip profit pattern.

no matter what model of the site, only members do not have to, and members must be converted into economic benefits, the site how to convert members into economic benefits?