09 years personal webmaster how to go there is a way out

          from 04 years since the beginning of contact with the network, has been working hard in the Internet industry, four years of personal websites, money did not earn much, but the body collapsed. Four years, how many days and nights to do in the computer, watching the boring code and study, for the flow of the site and worry. Chose the industry has never regretted, and must go down this road, everything is because of interest.

          09 years to Suzhou’s development, because the university did not end, only a high school diploma to find a job is not very good, here 10 genius to work in an Internet company responsible for website promotion, a month before the 1.5k, the consumption side is also very high, for a my month one meal a day, they say people or more able to endure hardship, is what I feel, what we are suffering, loneliness can survive. In this company for more than a month, I feel no future development, the weekend to the talent market continue to find a job, very hit, diploma is not enough, direct pass dropped. At that time I had an idea, I must have that Big Ben, not professional, but also live together. Hey ~ it’s not easy. But a lot of vote resume, met with brother, a Shandong man, ha ha, let me to his company, because he’s too far, can only give him a part-time, directly to a monthly salary to me, that feeling was so good trust.

            Monday to resign, boss didn’t let me go, and give me a raise, I think a little felt, but give me a lot of assigned tasks, I can work at home, the company reported a week. Should be very relaxed, part-time two companies, earning more than 3K, but the heart is still quite stressful, I think the company was operating, I still want to put these two companies are good, but the energy is still very limited, and I also do their own station, because I still have one of their own dream.

            09 years of stationmaster brothers, you are struggling with not at home, I want to suggest that brothers can find company here, at least you can earn to maintain your quality of life and development, can let you come into contact with many personal webmaster contact is not something you can contact the reality of many friends, can let you from the reality of society is very near, let your life is very harmonious.

            09 years, or suggest brothers can spend more time with their girlfriend, spend more time with family, exercise more, health is the capital of revolution. Where to go, we should love ourselves more, and suggest brothers to be good to ourselves