Analysis of business team mentality and discussion of network construction products

this time engaged in the training, although with the network marketing training is not too welt, also learned a lot of things. The whole person has also had the very big change, thanks me very much, now directly under the eldest brother, has given me the very big space. If it’s not good, it’s my own problem. The company’s products, network construction, general website, 400 telephone, e-mail, and trusted sites in English domain, what if when the company put the network marketing as a project, has its own team, that is the most happy. During this time, crazy exercise, basketball is Guo Yeye’s favorite sports. Basketball reminds me of the team.

business team, to have combat effectiveness, must have wolf. People without teams are lonely. Those who want to have a team want to be generals, and good soldiers. Basketball half court is usually three to three or four to four, to go late, there is no position. No position people sit alone on the sidelines, or pat basketball, position on his team in perspiration comes down like raindrops, sweating. No position, eager to rush to people, anyway, first team up, play, play ball. People who have positions are restless, and they like to complain, blame their teammates and blame their teammates. So is the business team, here is not extended, business team to unite together, in order to maximize combat, if you are interested in basketball, you can see on my blog, hehe.

said a bit off topic, today to speak is to talk about a single point products network construction techniques. At the same time on the inside of the company website was mode, took out a quotation, in accordance with the module of a talk with customers, sometimes are not aware of the needs of customers, the customer is paste, finally list is done, the money received, the customer on site not satisfied with the result, what made the complaint also, easy to cause a negative impact on the company. I want to express my opinion here. What do you need to know about a qualified website business?.

the program actually don’t need too much understanding, that is the technical things, ASP, PHP these are left to talk about technology, business people have to do is to truly understand the needs of customers, the site is now many types, types of information portal website, enterprise website, website, website, community forum what kinds of, the name is our business people to know, and what are the different site columns of a frame are necessary, they must have written here, Guo Yeye was just a part of a little more, you can use Baidu Search, do not think this is a waste of time, will enrich the knowledge of the brain, in the customer there can be a talk.

customer needs how to get, customer classification here will not talk about, previously talked about this problem is suitable for the occasion, say the right words, as for demand, are relying on questions. From the customer’s company registered funds, may also be personal, you can determine the size of the turnover, customer attention to the site. If it is a small scale enterprise, it is recommended to single enterprise website, if it is large >