Kung Fu outside the poem high quality original is so tempered

regardless of the user experience or more to consider the search engine optimization, the original content plays a vital role. The Internet itself is based on content, all win Internet marketing, can write, write, good at originality, indispensable. If the website construction and optimization exist the concept of core competitiveness, then the content of the original is very competitive, that is, the core competitiveness. These views, the author in the article "website construction and optimization of the core competitiveness is original" has been explicitly described. Through the search engine showed some of the phenomenon, the same original, different content brought about by weight is not the same, high quality and valuable article is more conducive to enhance the user experience and optimization effect.

original high-quality original difficult, difficult, so always unremittingly high-quality original is not hard to imagine? Because the original in website optimization has irreplaceable advantage almost, so how to conduct high-quality original, naturally became a real problem facing the webmaster. The essence of quality originality is that it fits the subject, and understands the inherent nature and relationship of things through the phenomenon, and expresses it in its own language in a unique perspective. The analysis from the user’s point of view, not in the original transfer two points, one is the how, is to tell visitors information and the value of this article to deliver; but to know why, see essence through the phenomenon, to show the user to explore the most fundamental things, know why. Get more customers. Quality originality is just a result of being able to pinpoint, capture ideas, keep divergent thinking, and do it consistently, is the process of converting and achieving the result.

one, accurate positioning, clear scope, funeral, half work, times

The original

in any case, the most fundamental thing is to return to the user, the user needs is the original value in the mind. After all, it’s not an integrated portal like Sina and Sohu, and most websites need to have a clear niche. If it is the website of the website construction company, then the theme of the website should be defined within the scope of website construction, production and website design. Similarly, the original should also be built around the site to build this theme, and should not be arbitrary and inclusive. The precise location of the purpose, one is to consider more about search engines, accurate positioning of the original will be easier to make the search engine to perceive website theme, only a clear perception to the site theme, the search engine can effectively be weighted rankings. Second, it is still a user experience, positioning the content of the site on the same theme, will allow users to feel the professional value of the site.

from the optimization effect and user experience, we already know the location is clear, around the core and the original content, can play twice the result with half the effort. Similarly, the core theme of the specific positioning, but also to reduce the difficulty of the original, it is easier to write, make quality original content. Maybe someone it doubts or suspicion, imagine a clear theme, we just don’t have to think to the topic, every day to do is.