How can the memory overflow be handled when the site suddenly fails to access it

is such a journal article because encountered such a problem before two days of their own website, estimated that there will be a small part of people like me met, because we just be careful of the grassroots, burden of the web server cost feel is a kind of pressure, so the server configuration is the most low-end. If you are such a colleague, please go on and believe that there will always be help.

I’m using Ali cloud’s servers, configurations and systems as shown below:


How does the

server configure


suddenly gets up in the morning and goes to work, and then opens his website to see if he can’t connect to the database…

was unconscious at that time and didn’t know what was going on. It wouldn’t have been attacked or the registration machine had been registered. (in fact, my little web site didn’t come to me!)

first, I use secureSRT to link the server, this stuff is win ~ of course if you can direct remote desktop, but I was not stable, not my cheap (HA HA)



found that you could link to the server, indicating that the server was not shutdown. Then I connect to the database MySQL. The syntax is as follows:

-hlocalhost -u user name -p password

amazing discovery can’t get in, error message 2002


connection database error information

, I’m sure I’ll have to look for my service provider first, and then go to the management to submit the work order


submit the work order and ask the service provider to take care of the situation,

I get feedback:

1, memory overflow,


memory overflow

2, it is recommended to upgrade the server configuration (this is the pit oh…. The database is not enough to ignore…)

knows it’s memory overflow, because my configuration is the lowest, and this should be the reason.

first, I’ll try restarting the server. Not yet,


restart server location

and then I’ll go to Google and search. Find the memory overflow solution, after testing this method can solve the < >