Give me the money everybody The four modes of raising all the chips in China

not long ago, all domestic chips originator – named time was Jingwei, China, Intel investment and other millions of dollars of A round of investment, all chips once again become the focus of everyone’s focus.

Mr. Fox mentioned in the Internet financial analysis framework, the congregation raised platform, as an important part of Internet banking, docking of individual investors or non-financial institutions. It also has a P2P lending platform. In fact, P2P lending platform is a broad public platform to raise.

international has a lot of research on the platform to raise public, referring to a report by Massolution, the congregation raised platform can be divided into four categories:

raise public debt (Lending-based crowd-funding): investors to invest in the project or company, get a certain percentage of its debt, future interest income and principal repayment to get (I’ll give you the money you are my principal and interest)

equity Equity-based crowd-funding: investors invest in projects or companies, obtain a certain proportion of equity (I give you money, you give me shares)

returns Reward-based crowd-funding: investors invest in projects or companies, get products or services (I give you money, you give me products or services),

donates Donate-based crowd-funding: investors donate freely to projects or companies. (I give you money, you don’t have to give me anything)

general public raising platform for each collection project will set a fund-raising target, if not reached the target, the money will be returned to the investor’s account, and some platforms also support excessive fund-raising.

below are some related cases:


bond raised

it is not difficult to find, raise public debt is actually P2P lending platform, many investors in the peer-to-peer lending site of project investment, obtain the creditor’s rights according to the proportion of the investment, the future acquisition of interest income and principal repayment. P2P lending platform this topic is relatively large, generally not included in the public talk about the narrow masses raised, so the fox king is not in this article launched.

equity raised

equity raised in fact is not very new things – investors in the new shares of IPO when the purchase of shares, in fact, is a means of raising equity investors. But in the field of Internet banking, equity raised mainly refers to the early private equity investment through the network, is a supplement to the VC.

at present, China’s stock raising website is still relatively small, there are two main reasons:

first, this kind of website requires a higher level of talent. Ownership parties >