The 7 unspoken rule teaches you how to act as a public figure for everyone to love

when he read into the 100000+, the number of public brand urgent scratching at large research hastened to learn. So, with this research report, the first wave of 40 samples, 800 volumes of satisfactory content of pictures and texts, come out so 7 unspoken rules, it is worth advertising dog to see.


looked at everyone in WeChat earn money, big and small customers can’t sit still, don’t ask what subscription number, service number, first give me every kind of whole, have to seize the user’s attention ah. Finished, or lost to the company’s new media, interns do, everywhere copy scripts, entrainment company news, a campaign, a gift, a finished, Hua Hua powder. Or spend two money entrusted to the advertising companies, advertising customers to write soft hard dog, want to do data interaction, the brand public number backstage open look, all what is the inverted triangle pointed poke dead, trying to do some offline activities to save up the powder also keep your mercy but, at any time in take off the edge.

seeing him from the building, when he read into the 100000+, the number of public brand urgent scratching at large research hastened to learn. So this will have a research report, the first collection of 40 samples, 800 graphic content read out so gratifying, 7 dogs unspoken rule, worth advertising is also worth a look, from the media to the dog with proficiency in a particular line, WeChat earn some pocket money.

(the sample including FHM, pomegranate woman report, issued late one, serious midday gossip, stories, reading, creative, cicada lace one read, exquisite, visual records, UFO said, financial gossip girl, forget the way the Imperial Palace, Taobao, Tmall, Durex, health, a taxi drops 40 from the media and the public, outstanding brand account)

1, sex is the driving force of human progress

this is an eternal truth, without explanation. Real or erotic edge ball is good, can let you read to achieve amazing transformation. Excellent representatives of this aspect of FHM, Durex, on their own to experience. And what about the topic of natural apathy, such as this one (from the midday story):


if you change the title to the original: what is literature? Everybody says so. You try to read more than 2000, give me a Alipay account.

in the end, this graphic has made 21352 reading, 52 points praise, in this account is also quite good results.

can cite a lot of examples, such as:

"I’m wearing a skirt, they sat staring at me" (from "exquisite")

"the front chest girl go, that you have left to do what?" (from "one night hair")