Why can’t your station station help you make money

now more and more web site, everyone’s goal is to make money, but money is not an easy thing! If you stand there is no money, or do you want to do a profitable website! I have some suggestions for your reference:

one. The profit model is unclear,

many people in the beginning of the station, they want to make the station bigger and bigger. Then consider profit. There are even Sohu, Sina and other big web portals as role models. However, we all know that a lot of truth is in that period of time is correct.

so "first big station, and then consider money" has been out of date,


we should consider these issues when we are making money:

1. what is your profit model at all stages?

2. is your profit model reasonable,

?What are the basic conditions for


4. do you have the capabilities and funds now?

two. Blind pursuit of big and all

is a small team of blind pursuit of large and it is dangerous for a person or because you! Ability may be infinite but your energy is limited, you can not in the short period of time, each are done very perfect! There is a saying "no one grows the fat man". You can’t stand well. Once you’re found by a strong opponent, you don’t have the advantage. And the big and big website needs a lot of financial support!


positioning small benefits: as long as you try a little more, you can put your station to do this line of boss!


three. I don’t know how to convert traffic into money

for most sites, traffic is money, but there are many good websites that don’t know how to turn traffic into money.

There are several main reasons for


1. doesn’t know how to put in an ad.

2. doesn’t know how to develop profit models.

3. doesn’t know how to make money from web resources.

let me introduce you to several advertising alliances:

nine wins advertising alliance, horse advertising alliance, CHANet results of network advertising alliance, Baidu alliance, PR website alliance, game day advertising alliance, Google advertising, advertising alliance, Ali Mama, ripple limit online advertising alliance.

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