What do we the user get from the SNS website

has been on the SNS website for some time, and has never experienced it before. Recently crazy crazy on the domestic network, although in order to meet their own entertainment mentality, but from their own network to promote professional sensitivity, from which they have gained some experience and experience, and share with you. Take the domestic network as a case.

: a convenient old colleague with AC

because at home, 60% of my friends are my colleagues, most of whom are former colleagues of the former company. So deeply understand the benefits of SNS website. Although some of my old colleagues on the MSN, but usually little contact, through the SNS website to understand each other more recent situation. In particular, some of them were colleagues who had never added MSN before. By becoming friends at home, they deepen their impression of each other. In the same way, some IT friends who have cooperated and added MSN have impressed each other again through the SNS website.

two: targeted to meet people you want to know,

, that is, from their own good friends to dig the people they want to know, because they are in the IT circle of people oriented, targeted very strong. It’s easy to find suitable business partners from friends, or some older people who are worth communicating with.

three: uncover the mystery net friend’s veil

I think a lot of friends are like this, MSN added a lot of good friends, but some of them are forgotten. Or some gay men who want to know more about female friends from MSN friends. Not good. Ask in MSN directly. Now, the SNS site offers the help and wants to know who it is and invites him (her) to sign up for the SNS site. Because the SNS website requires real name system, the real avatar. This way you can get to know each other’s real name, real age, place of origin, company, handsome guy or beautiful woman. He also knows more about this person through his interaction with his friends.

four: promotion of personal brand and company business through SNS website function

real name system of real life community, people on the Internet closer. Every time you write a journal and publish your views. Your friends can see it for the first time, and share it with friends. For individuals, is a good brand promotion. Similarly, in such an environment, their own words and deeds should pay attention to scale, can not let others read the joke.

again, the promotion of business, assuming that a beauty is to do Internet advertising, in this SNS six degree space, many people are her potential advertisers. And she’s in there, and know a few special cattle B, the number of friends reached thousands of people. As long as these people through sharing function, recommend her to introduce what she is doing business. Soon, several of these cattle B people know thousands of friends, this beauty is advertising business. May be inside >