To the grassroots webmaster a few words

every day from early to late every day, how many SITE included in their site visits; always check the site, always open the union back view of income. I think these are what we grassroots webmaster do every day.

sometimes we always tell ourselves that we have goals, and work hard toward our goals. Although the process may be difficult, but there will always be a return day. Maybe that’s the motivation to keep going.

we will also read the articles on ADMIN5 frequently and see the experience of other people. But for a long time, nothing more than a similar method was found. In fact, no matter how you optimize your website, the most important thing is the content of the website itself. The quality of the content is good, the flow will come naturally. (it’s like we China a saying: good nature will be rewarded)

also said how to choose the alliance, many webmaster will be net fishing, made several. I think it would be better not to do that. Choose a good 1-2 to do it, and this will allow you to focus your strategy on increasing your income.

well, that’s what I felt when I was taking a shower. A friend who feels ill can be bypassed.

I hope you can do the final

webmaster new Tixie station, some friends of the chain! (also a saying: This is the same root, fratricidal?)

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