Personal Webmaster don’t be lonely

some people do stand, said network network network alone, ruthless, are false, individual stationmaster is very bitter, different people have different experiences, like me, in the network, only lively, contact brotherhood, Nvwang seaworn in deep leagues. Through a cable, the lives of the owners the remotest corners of the globe, people can come together, chat. In the network world is colorful, master a continuous layer, full of wit, witty, the people will have to appear in your previous, and some of them to get your attention, if your heart is not stable, may make people take away. And you unknowingly fall in love with the site, especially the success of their own personal practice, the situation is even deeper. It really happened a vivid and touching love affair to the website, just like one’s first love, touching and pressing.

can not touch the mystery in the depth of the website, but can understand the bitterness of personal stationmaster. In the network, many people have achieved their own career, perhaps in your opinion, they are worthy of your idol, you know the success of the back, they paid a lot of bitterness, sweat. A silent belief that supports us. I also want to and others as a cast, learning network language, graphic design, website optimization, however deep the network we can understand how much? It was successful, some people give up, go with your life, is what people are lost in the network, we very beautiful, because there is a title shine upon us: "webmaster" so many people envy the honor. In our life, perhaps every day and vast Lulu, in order to make ends meet. Webmaster should first solve their livelihood problems, a stable living environment for their own business is very important. Be filled with brain wealth occupy your mind, into your heart, the success of the webmaster, after all, only a few. Stationmaster: need to learn to choose and accept, suitable but only.

station has attracted more and more network rookie, as long as they entered the realm, than their predecessors more true, more blood, but also because of this, they are more vulnerable, and has a dark heart network, dilemma. Capital input. And all of this, and did not reduce their interest in attracting interest, they become the vast network of half of the sky, as a webmaster is not far away from the world. And the young fanaticism and interest also spread, often visit Admin5, before the webmaster seems to be a mythical version of the characters, and the popularity of the Internet today and the development of the first shape, 08 years seems to be personal Adsense spring arrival.

webmaster of the life, don’t in the network for their own career and ignore the things around, do whatever! A lot to accompany the people around, not a flower head planning website for a few days, take an hour with her family. Personal website