Site experience sharing hard to adhere to finally hope

today I want to write about my website experience. Okay。 Talk business. I started dating websites only in May 2008. At that time, to tell the truth, I did not understand the website can make money. Just see other people do the website, I also feel fun, also follow to do. But I don’t know, I will use the time off work with others on the Internet for advice. Learning technology. Then go to the Internet, casually under the source, put up the site. Maybe it’s just fun. The station didn’t last long. I closed it. I saw other people doing other stations, and all kinds of stations were there. I follow others, too. In a few months, a few stops. Half a year later. Look back. Do a lot of standing. No success, think about six months of hard work, nothing has been.

is not afraid of jokes. I learned from 2009 that there was a webmaster network called A5 on the internet. Since I found it, I hardly ever go to A5 every day. I also learned a lot of knowledge, technology and so on. Since I went to A5, I swear, I must do a website that I am interested in, and I must keep on doing it. That’s it. I made a website in February of 09 years. Here is not the url. And then do it all the time. Hold on until today.

from this year to do more stations, I learned a lot of knowledge, and know how to do the website. Doing web is just like being a human. Can not tolerate a little sloppy. Hard to persist, I finally got hope. Now has a monthly income of over million.

, let me tell you something about my experience of doing web work. Maybe someone else has already talked about it, but that’s someone else, and I’m talking about my

first: do your own thing. Otherwise, it will not last long. Because one does not insist on what he is not interested in.

second: do not blindly follow the trend, do not do what others do, so you can only fail. Unless you’re QQ

third: it’s important to choose a good host space. Don’t pick up cheap, or you’ll lose more. Of course, even if the price is high, I don’t think it will be much higher.

fourth: choosing a good domain name is also very important. Be sure to choose a domain name that is relevant to your web site. That’s what Baidu will like. There is a registered domain name, do not go to small agents there. Must go to formal. The new network, such as network, etc.. The price will not be too high,

otherwise, you’ll end up crying.

fifth: the choice of a good source code is equally important. Whether on the interface or function. Because the user experience is very important. In the design must be consistent with user psychology. You can experience yourself as a user. You’ll feel it’s good and bad.

sixth: content updates, remember, do not have no content to promote, otherwise, the user first came, it will not come second times!