Talk about the need to pay attention to the use of blog to do the chain

my site tour online, now the weight is very high, the reason is that every day I have the original article, with their web connections, contribute to the Admin5, then, I have more than 30, I then released to me in the PR is greater than 5, the high weight of the blog on the portal application, released the same day, some will be included, so give me the website online odd tour brought a lot of good reverse connection, increase the weight.

apply for blog also need to pay attention to the following points, is my personal experience, practice out, and hope to be active

1, each BLOG template is best not the same.

2, in the article title and in the BLOG title, must appear this keyword name (may many times)

3, the title of each BLOG can not be the same (can be used to write the long tail of the word to write), if there are subtitles in BLOG should also be written, highlighting the given word.

4, first delete the original article in Blog

5, the title of the article in each BLOG, the content can not be exactly the same,

6, in the article added, the words given bold, plus links, and point to the home page. (many times the keywords, increase the density of key words)

7, each article in the tag, classification, write the words specified each time,

8, in the links, link all the stations in the application (if the link module is not enabled and is enabled in the background)


9, with a project of the BLOG friendship one

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