Talk about the methods and areas involved in the promotion of your website

most of the current site, traffic sources are mostly from the search engine, it is a real challenge to the webmaster website operation ability, I will share some comprehensive personal a little experience, I hope to help you. Because the website type and the scale are different, the website operation and the promotion method are also different. So I’m here to introduce what I’m currently using, but not necessarily for you.

wants the following to help you, or to attract you to think of better ways of doing business.

1. preliminary work, if it is a personal station, first of all determine what station to do, what kind of station. What is the target user, the analysis of the interests of the target user, etc., these need detailed understanding.


receiving task is for others to do station operation and promotion, this type of operation, direction and type of the site has been determined, and we need to do most of the optimization in the framework. Then analyze the web site and, in the same way, analyze the type of Web site, the resources that users can provide, the target audience, the user’s interests, and so forth.

2. website analysis, comprehensive analysis of the site type, target users groups, is to develop a plan, a goal, according to the implementation, common sense is the need to develop long-term plans and short-term plans. This is also the most reasonable way. And I’m just going through the short term plan, like what type of week, the plan can be higher, and the general effort, but also a little jump, you can reach the target on it. Only in this way will there be some room for challenge and struggle.

3. keyword selection and optimization, the site itself will have some functional requirements, if the function can be achieved with each page has a different keyword reflect better, as far as possible for each page and different keywords. And the selection of key words also need to conform to the type of site, in line with the user search habits, take easy to software forum, we set industry website development in the official forum home page, website source code download, website development and exchange etc.. And IT teahouse will have IT teahouse, webmaster exchange forum, entrepreneurship and investment, communication, community, etc.. China service network will have website security technology,. Net technology, ASP, resource sharing, etc..

In addition to the long-term

keyword analysis, can generally be used in the search for sources of webmaster statistics statistical key search rate analysis, optimization of the keyword on a monthly basis, and more in line with the user search habits. In order to achieve keyword optimization effect. The optimization is carried out after a period of Web site operation and promotion.

4. operations and promotion, in the preliminary work done, after the website analysis and keyword selection is the site operation and promotion, if it is technology and exchange website, should try to use the original and pseudo original content, do not cause excessive reproduced down the right search engine. The theme of operation always meets the needs of users and provides users with valuable content, which will attract users