How do you survive in the early days of website operation

every new thing will experience growth and development stage, as well as for web site operators, but if you have mature and reliable, the senior site and to the website, this is the initial site face the problem that how to solve this problem, the author made the following summary, hoping to help our friends.

a good website design and good use experience for the fundamental

as a web site, first of all to have a good page layout, reasonable layout can give users a pleasant feeling, this is like watching people, Yan high value to give people this virtually in their hearts left a good impression. Web design is the same, the quality of web design to create the perfect personality website has played an important role, and the reasonable layout can be clear navigation, quality of experience, in this new era, like others do not want to rise above the common herd you can make certain achievements.

two high quality content to attract users to become "repeat customers"

in the user into the site, to have quality content let users browse interest, here the author thinks that the original work is very important, timely to promote the content and development status of new information industry, it can be very good to keep your users, and that will be the site of the "repeat" of course, to ensure that there are content can let users interested in.

three search optimization, mainly in the station, outside the station as a supplement

The early

web site operators in search engine optimization should be based on the station, and some auxiliary optimization outside the station, improve the keyword has a good ranking in the search engine, and many aspects of the chain, the chain cut, but the premise is to do well in the station quality content update push, if not anxious enrich the station information, it would be an empty shell, users read without interest to visit again.

four focus on the latest developments, so that the pulse of the site to keep up with the times

do in the content and promotion at the same time, also should always pay attention to the Internet, using the O2O marketing model, Internet plus thought these fresh ideas and techniques such as are conducive to the rapid development of web site. The society is changing rapidly, and now the website construction with travelers, to rise above the common herd during this period, also need to have their own unique personality and excellent design ideas, but also hope that the majority of interested in the construction site early site can be inspired to do better, will be the site of the building.

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