Before the disappearance of blogs independent bloggers please be careful

blog has not been updated for a long time, was last updated in January 13, 2008, according to our estimates, this blog is to destroy the basic. The website on the network is like this, a batch of fall, there are a batch of up, never stop. But the collapse of the former blog is a bit of a puzzle. Why have the independent blog blog before the rash and too much in haste, the flag should also make money down, not let people think about. The address is [email protected]@com (@ please change.) sorry, like this is a Google blocked blog all is not willing to touch point, before the blog Links have withdrawn, a loss of a supporter of the posture, quite depressing.

into the former blog, the most eye-catching place to put before the blog earnings announcement: 7088 yuan, an average of 1100 yuan per month. Pretty good income, I guess my blog will never reach this level. Why in the eye-catching place such a sentence, one is to gather, a flag of two, before the blog had intended to sell the site, at the end of 2007, why want to sell, the price is not very far, 15000, the price will certainly be negotiable, if you really want to buy, I estimate the real transaction price of around 8000. The reason for the sale, I’m afraid the former blog also realized that this flag is not long, sooner or later to fall, because she has angered google. Unscrupulous do link business, out of mixing, sooner or later to be sealed off, the former blog time limit, no one can save. Sure enough, in January of this year, the original PR value of 4 before the blog was cleared.

, this is a reader’s response: my several high PR have been cleared, because of the writing of a lot of paid comments caused by

wanted to, I don’t like blogging writing soft text, that is, paid reviews, so completely deviated from the original meaning of the blog. If only to make money blogging, you put this energy out to do what can not earn the money, just as the soldiers raided inside the history of this said, there is such a spirit of doing stuff could be a soldier, why not


blogs, especially independent blogs, go back to their original content.