Arbor Day is here What should the stationmaster do

remember that there is such a story, before one of the Olympic Games, we are waiting for the arrival of the meeting, but a wise man is hoarding a large number of whistle like shouting tools, day of the Olympic Games, he will buy a shirt, finally to earn a small, by the that all intelligent people are able to see business opportunities in many events, but we did not do on the station? A webmaster, do stand at the same time, it is in the propaganda, adding to his site’s reputation, and reputation is accumulated day by day, every day insisted at the same time, should seize the opportune moment to find a potential breakthrough point. To increase their traffic, to improve the stickiness of their site.

you may know of campus network, campus network and know the pre publicity? It was just in time for the football cup, and it depends on this, wide publicity, he set the potential browse the crowd are college students, and then in the middle of college propaganda simple registration, a quick look at the world cup. After a large group of visitors, and finally by other means to win IP, and now he has done very well. There are a lot of following up, like the student community and so on, such as 163. Of course is more than a student community type, the key is a kind of thought, U26 ( is a small game with online play good site, good use of this approach, now a lot of places to see his shadow, the flow is improved. So the webmaster friends, to seize the opportune moment grasp each opportunity to seize, to promote their own station, not blindly repeat, want to have new ideas, new ideas, in order to get visitors coming, of course, to do their own station is preferred, because the old customers after all is still very important.

website focusing on publicity, Arbor Day Webmaster should do what? Here are some ideas I still hope, do not laugh at:

1. do stand know, prepare keywords. For example, come to the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival to do some related, such as the blessing of the station, you can do what the Spring Festival Spring Festival greetings, send free SMS blessing and so on, is estimated to be good, some make a flow, you can think of planting trees, such as tree planting day, arbor day the origin, Arbor Day Tree Planting Day activities. Here we can wake up, April Fool’s day, April Fool’s Day joke, April Fool’s Day SMS, April Fool’s Day story, and so on, it is estimated that the temperature will rise. It’s a piece of cake.

2. Arbor Day arrived, do not forget to hang on your site "* * * web site friendship tips: take care of trees, love the environment" such slogans. Some people began to despise, in fact, we think, for a heart of the heart of the community, the public website, we have reason to refuse? When you have a reason to visit the relevant website, not your first thought? Like the aforementioned U26 game ( web site to do good, not long ago 3.8 women’s day, he was in the station hangs a small U26 game.